April 9, 2013

Within the same week I celebrated, nay endured, a BIG birthday and reveled at the opening on Broadway of a brilliant new musical written by my beloved, wildly talented daughter, Amanda Green.

Well, if that doesn’t put the life memory machine on overload, then I’m a…well, just fill in your own cliché... I’ve got a lot to say in a mini blog.

My first Broadway Opening I was an actress in a show called YOU’LL SEE STARS, at the Maxine Elliott Theatre on 39th Street (long ago demolished). The year was 1948. Don’t bother to do the exact certainly get my point.

My openings I'm nervous, excited…all the expected feelings. But, and here’s the but of it all, once I start acting or singing...I’m OK…I’m home…I’m in control, and doing what I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve never counted how many openings I’ve had…but there have been a lot.

Chapter Two...I marry the unique, gifted successful writer Adolph Green. And now the openings multiply. I’m not quite as wonderful in the part of author’s wife at these occasions. I can’t do anything, but do his bow tie, put the red silk good luck handkerchief in the pocket of his tux, hold his hand, hear his groans, check the audience and overly react. I almost always got sick, yes literally sick. I dreaded going to them. Always proud of him but too worried at the same time.

And now into the mix comes my daughter, three Broadway openings, so far, and she’s still but a child. All of the above come into play, but add in the genuine pride and years of knowledge, that tell me honestly that she is the real goods. She’s worked so hard and so well…she has a voice like no other. She’s an original. I don’t get sick, but I haven’t yet made it to her opening night parties.


WHAT IN GOD'S NAME IS THE 2013 EQUIVALENT OF STOP THE PRESSES? Interrupt the atmosphere? Cease the cyber? Since I finished writing the above merely a day ago, I found out that Amanda’s show HANDS ON A HARDBODY will close on April 13. A puzzling victim of Broadway economics.

As more and more great reviews come in, as audiences, young and old, red and blue state, laugh and cry and cheer and have a real theatrical powerful experience, up went the closing notice.

This is tough stuff to deal with as a mother and a theatre lover. First feeling……such pride of my girl and her truly brilliant writing colleagues, Doug Wright and Trey Anastasio…and the rest of the “gang”. They all are doing, what I believe, is an American classic. I know it will play all over our country and make a difference.

So in this spirit I say go see it now, you only have this week, unless there’s a miracle or a lot of bodies in those seats. You might be able to save it. I’ll be your BFF forever, I’ll help you give up carbs…You’ll be part of a small revolution...Please Go…and thanks for putting up with a crazy old lady.

Click here for a special BFF offer to HANDS ON A HARDBODY.
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Thank you Mom!!!!

I love you,

(Guess who)
9:25pm 05/16/2013
amanda green
Thank you Phyllis for your beautifully written piece (blog) -- I sumpathize with you - As you know I am a big fan of "Hard Body' and am so disappointed - I will keep on "Spreading the Word"
5:09pm 04/12/2013
Kathryn Altman
Hi, Phyllis, So sad about Amanda's show. Sounds like gutless producers. Didn't we save "Subways Are for Sleeping" with a crazy publicity stunt? Where are the press agents today.?Wish I could see her show, but
Broadway is too far from Sarasota, Florida.
4:50pm 04/12/2013
Harvey Sabinson
Dear Phyllis, I was going to write a message to you but happy to see you have covered it. I went to the show the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am so sad to see it close. When we gave a standing ovation, I could see tears in some of the actors' eyes. made me cry. What a shame it has to close. I feel that the people who would most enjoy it just can't afford the high ticket prices these days. I know it's hard to fathom, but please tell Amanda, it was a success no matter what.
sincerely, paulette osborne
11:12am 04/12/2013
paulette osborne
Amanda's show is a great one -- moving, profound and supremely entertaining. If only more people knew how good it is! Broadway is a tough world! xx
11:44am 04/11/2013
Robert Pounder
Sounds so much like the Phyllia Newman
I went to PS 17 with.
11:35am 04/10/2013
Dick Amdur
April 13th, coincidentally, is my birthday, so I have more positive associations with it. Maybe less so as I age. I am a lifelong Broadway fan (my parents thought I was gay -- fooled them), and would love to catch up with what's happening in your daughter's career. I actually met your husband and Betty Comden many years ago when they were doing their "Party" performance. I memorized every lyric. I'm glad you're still around to tell the wonderful stories of those great times.
11:02am 04/10/2013
So love your blogs and your delicious insights. Sorry I can't get to NYC in time to come support Amanda's show.
4:14pm 04/09/2013
Laura Butler