December 6, 2010
Chapter 17 of My Autoblography
Sometimes I read a magazine from back to front... do you? I ask because I’m a tingle with so much action in my life the last few weeks...
November 25, 2010
My thoughts on this holiday...
October 18, 2010
..... not directed by Otto Preminger

Chapter 16 of my Autoblography
I so apologize.... I have missed regaling you with all my tales of woes and wows.
September 27, 2010
Chapter 15 of My Autoblography
This is the 16th year of NOTHING LIKE A DAME the show benefiting The Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative of The Actors Fund. This is a crucial time, as everyone knows.
September 22, 2010
Chapter 14 of My Autoblography
Question? Am I safe in assuming that like me you have a non-stop tape coiling and recoiling in your head at all times?
August 24, 2010
Chapter 13 of My Autoblography
I rarely talked about what I was supposed to be plugging. I'd get too involved in our conversation...