August 18, 2010
Chapter 12 of My Autoblography
Can’t wait, can you?
August 9, 2010
Chapter 11 of My Autoblography:
Dear followers, readers - last time I finished with the phrase I made up on the spot “to be continued”.
August 4, 2010
Chapter 10 of My Autoblography:
Close your eyes and try to picture this familiar kind of shot from a movie...
July 26, 2010
Chapter 9 of My Autoblography:
Call me hysterical – call me Ishmael – just call me – I need to talk.
July 20, 2010
Chapter 8 of My Autoblography:
I don’t go to a house of worship much anymore except for five star holidays, funerals, weddings, etc. I’m not proud of that.
July 14, 2010
Chapter 7 of My Autoblography:
Say what you will and you will anyway – there’s no place like “the Hamptons”. Take your finger off the delete button and read me out.