August 2, 2011

Chapter 22 of My Autoblography

It’s a crying shame... and oh Lord it has been such a tumultuous, frenzied and sexually active bunch of weeks. And my views and take and analysis, well, they were SO pithy. And the silly dog had to choose this time that’s rife with strife and rife to develop this unusual power. But I’m an animal lover so I’m taking the high road.

Plus there was Egypt, Libya, Michelle Bachmann, John Edwards, the twittering Jew, and the stuttering Hun. The economy, the debt and all that jazz.
And then there’s personally, and then there’s personally.
And then there’s loss. And who goes first?

I’ll just say that tomorrow I’m going to try to sing one of Sidney Lumet’s favorite songs at his ‘CELEBRATION’ slash memorial at Alice Tully Hall. I’ll write tomorrow. I’m nervous I’m in denial, a wonderful place to be, I think.

Well now it’s two or so weeks later... why such a gap? Blame it on The Murdochs, Rebekah, Bachmann (just consider her permanently blamed)... and oh my... oh my... what about...J.Lo... ¿que pasó?... and the dreaded Florida girl… and my roots had to be done… and my manicurist was on holiday. Will I get my social security check? John Boehner has a more natural bronzer. And the joy at seeing many of my friends getting married. I guess you get by now… that I’m so stalling... because if I write it down, then it must have happened.

So, in the meantime, peruse these "those were the days my friends" TV clips...

Lauren Bacall and Leonard Bernstein

That picture was taken in 1967.  Adolph and I gave a 25th anniversary party for his partner Betty Comden and her husband Steve Kyle... repeat after me... Comden and Green were never married and never even fooled around...I mean Adolph wouldn’t lie... would he?

Steve Kyle and Betty Comden

Phyllis Newman and Adolph Green

We planned for weeks… all the women had to wear silver gowns. We made home movies… we covered the walls in silver mylar. It was a surprise and it was genuinely dazzling...

Adolph Green and Mia Farrow

Phyllis Newman, Mia Farrow, Felicia Montealegre Bernstein, Arthur Laurents, Shirley Bernstein, and Jule Styne at the piano

Well at a certain point, just as dinner was being served to the fifty or so biggies, Bennett Cerf, Arlene Francis and I got up and left. We had to get to the LIVE broadcast of “What’s My Line?”... We did the show and returned...

We missed food and some toasts but not the fabulous films, and the songs and special material by the likes of Leonard Bernstein, Jule Styne, Steve Sondheim, Adolph and too many others to mention.

Phyllis Newman greeting guests

Just another night at the Greens high above Central Park... Well that’s how it was... the last time I looked.

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Oh how wonderful Sunday nights used to be: Garry Moore, Candid Camera (theme song by Sid Ramin), and finally What's My Line with the most sophisticated banter since, uh, Plautus. What a treat your blog is, dear Phyllis. By the way, how does anyone photograph mylar-covered walls? The pop of flash bulbs would have been blinding. But it all looks heavenly, like the inside of an ice cube, where brilliant minds could glitter inside and out. You know, it's that blackboard and chalk on What's My Line that I miss the most. People WROTE their names? Impossible to imagine today.
8:01pm 07/21/2012
Charlie Harmon
I only recently discovered WML and by now I think I've watched every segment available of YouTube at least once. Your all too rare appearances are some of my favourites. I just love the adorable way you used to hold your head up when you had the blindfold on, and the mischievous laughing twinkle to your voice.

You were an absolute delight then, and your sparkling blog posts show you've lost none of your zest for life. I hope you post some more in the future.
1:54am 06/08/2012
I'd love to hear more about the time you spent working with Rosalind Russell. :)
3:58am 05/11/2012
I was perusing old tv shows myself this am and ran across an old Match Game, you and Richard, Gene, Brett and so many favorites. Miss you on tv. Hope you haven't stopped writing this blog now that I've found it
5:20pm 11/02/2011
And the parties!!!
Dreams do come true.
Thank you for putting
this together.
8:47pm 08/16/2011
John Handy
I'm glad you got the dog under control. Your blogs and photos are absolutely wonderful. Thank you for them. Joe
3:57pm 08/14/2011
Joe Benincasa
Fantastic stuff, Phyllis! All silver gowns & mylar covered walls? How chic! Thanks for sharing. Xo (and oy that Bachmann...)
6:11pm 08/03/2011