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October 15, 2013

I HAD A DREAM LAST NIGHT. IT WAS SPECIFIC, I MEAN SPECIFIC. I DID MY MAKEUP AND HAIR, I slipped into a black silk turtleneck top and trousers to match. Over that I put a long white silk jacket, sort of cocoon like, but no bump. I artfully tied a dark grey and black flat beaded scarf around my neck...the great hider of all hiders, finished off with Kenneth Jay Lane beautiful fake white deco earrings, put on my red tinted glasses (much cheaper than an eye lift, I've researched this extensively). A very handsome man, a good friend, is with me. He's tall, blonde, and more. We walk into the lively, glammy Birdland Club. I nod reservedly to many friends there. We're shown to our ringside table by two charming men from the Actor's Fund.

PN at Birdland. Photo by Stephen Sorokoff.

What the Hell....I think and also say out loud to the waitress. 'A GREY GOOSE MARTINI...HOLD THE VERMOUTH...A WEDGE OF LEMON AND ICE ON THE SIDE.'

The lights dim then and then, oh then, there's a band... there's Lorna Luft looking and singing like a million bucks,... and then sis Liza Minnelli with her arm in a cast. She had broken it, but it didn't interfere with the stunning duet of BOSOM BUDDIES that she sang with Lorna.

Lorna Luft and Liza Minnelli

One great performer after another ......Ann Hampton Calloway starting her song, saying in a clear voice I'M A SURVIVOR. There were many survivors, many women still going through breast cancer, on and off the stage. It was one of the happiest and most emotional evenings I've ever been part of.

Ann Hampton Callaway

O.K. the dream part was a cheap way of drawing you in to a description of LORNA'S PINK PARTY to benefit the Phyllis Newman Women's Health Initiative of The Actors Fund and the Dr. Philomena McAndrew Fund of Tower Cancer Research Foundation.

The finale

This is no dream, there's another one next Monday night...TOTALLY SOLD OUT and we raised 100,000 dollars for women, their past, their now, and their future.

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It is too a dream! Thanks for helping to make it happen, Phyllis.

Most of my work is taking pictures of "chests". I'm a medical imaging tech. The thing distracting me from what others would consider the aesthetic pleasure of that activity, is concern for the continuance of our patients. I'm often the first person to look a tumor in the eye. Cancers can be killed, but it takes time, money and courage.

On a lighter note, "Let's Rock" was on TCM this morning. Fun!
12:19pm 12/31/2013
Invisible Mikey
Will try to come by this Monday @ 7:00...see you there!!

3:27pm 10/18/2013
Maria Di Dia
Phyllis Newman is the greatest possible
gift to theatre people and to every other
person blessed to know her. A remarkable,
extraordinary human being, a giant talent,
a great mama, and sixteen tons of FUN.
8:50pm 10/17/2013
Big Joe
Thank you so much!.. I just wish there were videos to listen and watch!. This is a dream benefit.. congratulations to all.. Yes. a Dream.. wonderful..
6:11pm 10/16/2013
After reading this, I almost feel like I was there - and I will be next week! Bravo to everyone involved and congratulations on raising all that dough! xxB
7:06pm 10/15/2013
Billy Stritch