The Last Time I Looked: (Stories, Real and Unreal) -

Chapter Three

May 28, 2013

Steven Tyler in a photo shoot on the Sunset Marquis roof.

One night, when I got back after work, I saw a mob of young people across the street. A few security guards were making sure they stayed on their side – and away from the hotel. There were seven or eight white stretch limousines lined up and down the street nose to tail – like a horizontal blizzard. Burly, beefy bodyguards stood at the entrance to the hotel. When I took off my sunglasses and showed them my age, they let me pass. The lobby was buzzing and full of micro minis, voluminous hair, ample trousers, slouchy jackets, and drinks moving about in raised hands.

I went right to the desk to one of the genuinely adorable people who worked there and had become my duenna, deep throat and L.A. advisor.
I said in a non-stage whisper, "Who?"
She said, "No, no, Phyllis...U2."
I said, "Yeah, me, too. I want to know what's happening."
"U2...that's the name of the group. They're going to a premiere of their new movie and their fans are waiting for them to leave so they can get a look at them."
We were sort of a hip Abbott and Costello.

I went back and tried to mill with the gang, but I stuck out like a sore easterner.
Oh, I could tell you stories how I almost talked to Earth and Wind but not Fire.
How I missed seeing Bruce Springsteen by two minutes.

Joan Jett in a room at the Sunset Marquis.

I'd go for walks on Sunset Boulevard some nights so that I wouldn't lose the knack of looking behind me uneasily as I hurried along wearing my purse diagonally across my chest.

Aside from my work, I was painting myself into some non-existent, lonely, arid corner. So, one night after hours of lying in bed with my hand on the remote control obsessively flicking through the 40 free channels – I felt the need to have a stern talk with myself. I spoke very loudly so that I could hear myself above the din of the "Laugh-In" reruns.

"OK, Phyllis – BOOKS! Remember books? How about reading?"
"And MUSIC! Remember music? How about listening?"
The talk did me a world of good.

The following Sunday I heard André Previn and the Los Angeles Philharmonic in a gorgeous concert. My soul was stirred and renewed. The forty-minute drive there and back went by like...eighty minutes. The subterranean parking and fetching of the car revived my almost dormant fear of depths and got the blood coursing through my veins once more.

Let's face it – I am a hopelessly spoiled New York Woman. It's an easy stroll to my neighborhood cultural complex, Lincoln Center. I can walk around the corner to Loew's 84th and see six movies at the same time if I want to – and on the way eat sushi, tacos, cassoulet, or hummus...and I want to.

So, I can't imagine living in L.A. again unless – my series is picked up – or I get another good part – or a medium part or a small part – or someone asks me.

Michael Feinstein, André Previn, PN (2012)

The film Adolph was shooting was 'I Want To Go Home'.  Adolph co-starred with Gerard Depardieu and Linda Lavin.  It was written by Jules Feiffer and directed by Alain Resnais.  Since it was only released in Europe, I thought you might enjoy a few photos... Maybe it's somewhere out there on the Bessarabian Internet.  

Adolph Green, Alain Resnais


AG with Gerard Depardieu

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