June 21, 2010

I’ve never met a Sunday I liked. I realize that somewhere there are people who go to church, chat with their neighbors and friends, go home and have a fine big lunch with meat, read the papers, watch some sports on TV, snooze a little, dangle a grandchild, and thus are content with their Sabbath.

Somewhere else there are young couples going to malls with their cute kids, buying things they can make, or wear, stopping off at a fast food palace....driving home in the late sun, bedding down the kids, watching TV, having a fight and then making love.

And I guess right here in New York....there are people who happily sleep a little later than usual, read The Times....take a shower (and sometimes forget to give it back!)....dress in appropriate Sunday gear - unisex Juicy Couture knockoffs in amusing colors…have a nutritious fun filled brunch of ethnic variety…go to a late afternoon movie…come out to an early Sunday evening….take home a little Chinese take-out…put the leftovers together in one carton in the fridge….wash their own or each other’s hair...have some wine, watch a DVD, wrinkle tomorrow’s outfit and call it a day......okay....they’re’s a day. So why do I want to commit mass murder when my Sundays roll around?

Let me tell you about this last Sunday. It was pretty nice actually, weather-wise. I made the bed, ate a bagel, read The Times....and stared…“Oh do not stare,” I said to myself…“Go out, take a walk….avail yourself…avail yourself.” All righty… I walked on my familiar Upper West Side…nodding to no one in particular…and thought maybe it would be pleasant to hit a movie…………sold out…never mind…I can buy a DVD… hire a security guard….and watch it in my own bedroom.

No good – I’ve seen them all.

Basking in the glow of frustration I decided to take the crosstown bus home and start again….so there I was on Seventy Ninth and Broadway…bright sunlight…people to and froing…when I saw a man squatting up against the bank on the corner….no, actually first, I saw, what I thought, was a man pulling his running pants down over his legs. Then I saw that he was squatting bare assed, but covered from his knees down. Then I saw him pull up his pants. You see I didn’t just keep looking at him. I was too embarrassed and shocked, but I sneaked glances along with everyone else waiting at the bus stop. I wanted to see…no don’t look… my head swiveled one hundred and eighty degrees like Regan in The Exorcist. He gathered up his paper bag… muttering all the time….and when I looked next… I saw a mound of steaming hot bright yellowish colored excrement.……………That man doesn’t like Sundays either… but at least he knows what to do about them.
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Yikes. Time to get outta town. Bologna is nice right now, and I was speaking fondly of you and Adolph to Stanley Donen, who has been here introducing a few of his films, culminating in SINGIN' IN THE RAIN, which got a huge ovation in the Piazza Maggiore tonight with a crowd of well over 2,000 people. Everyone laughed and had a great time.

Wishing you well always!

Love from Donald
11:57am 07/19/2010
Donald Sosin
That last line is a classic!
11:56am 07/19/2010
oyyyyyyyy, here's to better Sundays! Love, Gary
11:56am 07/19/2010
Gary Silverman
Phyllis, OMG..have a better Sunday this weekend!
11:55am 07/19/2010
Richard Crystal
Phyllis... I don't blame you. I didn't like your Sunday either. I think it is the first Sunday in NY (mine or anyone else's) that I have not liked.
I am REALLY wishing you a better one next week :)
11:43am 07/19/2010