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Graduated Lincoln June 51. I believe you were mid year. Hope you are well & enjoy life & memories. Howard
2:39pm 04/30/2014
Howard Rubenstein

While listening to 1010wins (NY radio station) I heard, "Lincoln High School, Jersey City and celebrity birthday and your name". I looked up your name and was very pleasantly surprised to see that I have seen you on TV. I graduated Jersey City Lincoln High School 1976.
I would tell my children that Ozzie Nelson was from Synder High School and Jerry Lewis was from Newark, NJ. Now I can show and tell them about PHYLLIS NEWMAN from LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL!

BIRTHDAY and many more blessed and healthy ones.

Yvonne Simpson
9:37am 03/19/2014
Yvonne Simpson
Dear Phyllis Newman,
When I was in grade school in the Jersey City Heights in the 1960s, I would go home and hope to see you on TV in The Match Game, To Tell the Truth, and What's My Line, not to mention ChunKing Chinese food commercials. (What did I know about Broadway and Tony Awards and such?) How I adored you and always rooted for you to win. A few years later I saw you on Johnny Carson, and you said hello to your mother in Jersey City. That was a marvelous surprise. You are a wonderful performer and person, and I recently learned that your dear husband shared my birthday! That must count for something.
God Bless you for your humanity.
John Rizzo
4:18pm 02/18/2014
John Rizzo
Hello, Phyllis. Congratulations on your success. I graduated from Lincoln with you in 1951. You probably won't remember me since I transferred into Lincoln on March 5, '51. Do check your yearbook.
I left Jersey City shortly after high school, went into the Army, and then pursued an academic career, eventually retiring from the University of Saskatchewan.
Jersey City was a long time ago (for both of us, I suspect), but I still have many fond memories.
I trust this note finds you in good health.

Your old classmate, Michael
2:26pm 01/09/2014
Michael J. Murphy
I saw her on Johnny Carson as a guest with Robin Williams! She was vibrant and vivacious!
8:07pm 10/28/2013
H Miller
Miss that laugh of yours that was a highlight for me during your many Carson appearances ... and yeah, I remember your hosting the Tonight Show!
12:22am 07/09/2013
Al & Marilyn D'Antonio-Heitzer
I just watched Mannequin on DVD tonight and thought you were hilarious as always in your cameo at the beginning. I never looked you up before but I just spent three hours on Wikipedia and other sites learning about your marvelous career. What a delight this was! I am so impressed with everything you've accomplished and I can tell in the personal photos you've posted to this site that you are a kind and vibrant person. THANK YOU for all the many years of entertainment you gave the world and enjoy your summer!
9:05pm 06/18/2013
Drago Harley
back in 72 i entered high school in brooklyn.we had late session so every morn we gathered to watch you on tv in hollywood made our day..Now here we are 40 yrs later and again you make the day..i recall your husband was named adolf?
9:26am 06/11/2013
steve m
Ms. Newman,
Yesterday while at the Library with my 5 year old Granddaughter Stella, I happened upon "Flying to Neverland". Your name on the book is what first drew my attention. I grew up in NY and remember you being part of many events. I always thought you were so full of grace and humor. Of course we did take it out and enjoyed every moment of the book. Although, I don't know who enjoyed it more! While singing and reading, I have no doubt that Stella will memorize the words to the songs before we take it back! Stay well and Thank you
4:20pm 04/20/2013
Karen Kluger Glasby
Oh Phyllis, I had a terrible crush on you through for decades!
10:23am 04/13/2013
Mel Sherwood
ms newman - in the late 70s you were the leading force in organizing a Broadway show tribute to raise money for bullet proof vests for the NYPD. As a NYPD Highway Officer I was assigned to pick you up at LaGuardia and take you to the theatre because you were rushing in from out of town. It was my privilege to do that and I was struck by your caring, character and beauty. I never forgot what you did for the NYPD members and I never got to say thanks. Thank you. .
8:27pm 03/28/2013
henry schreiber
happened to be on youtube recently and for some strange reason i ended up watching whats my line where one episode you were on.enjoyed watching then and now .hope all is good for you.
7:52pm 03/08/2013
I went to see Carousel at Lincoln Center tonight. Was that you,, Phyllis in our row. You looked absolutely fabulous!
11:06pm 03/02/2013
happy you have your own site and your own life after all these years. Think you should be on Betty White' s Off their Rockers, a scream.
7:13am 03/01/2013
I was an usher when you did "Vamps and Rideouts" in Stockbridge with Pauletta Pearson and George Lee Andrews. This is and will always be a peak theatre memory for me. A belated thank you for that!
12:41am 03/01/2013
Tony Farrell
We have been fans for many years of your incredible talent. We are fellow Jersey City people, and were friends and customers of your lovely sister Shirley Newman Port of Creative Printing. Thank you for keeping us entertained for all of these years.
10:30am 12/14/2012
Brian Feinman
Phyllis, This a "blast from the past", to be exact, 1952. That summer your former room mate at Western Reserve University, Marge Winnery, her Aunt and I visited you in New Your City. In fact it may have been a week or so before you got your break as a stand in to take the lead in "Wish You Were Here"! Are you still in contact with Marge? I'm retired, after spending 40 years as an administrator in higher education. I live in Coral Gables, FL and would love to hear from you.
Regards, George
1:03pm 11/29/2012
George Giampetro
There is an extremely nice profile of Ms. Newman on, today 5/28/12. It is quite complete, but leaves out that Ms. Newman is what we Jews call a mensch, a good person. All through her life she has conducted herself with great class and always with dignity. I just read a few of the comments from others, remembrances of meetings long ago, always with a comment about your warm demeanor. I also met you a few times, when a protege of Leonard Bernstein. I met Adolphe more often, always so funny! You have made the world a better place for your having been in it. Please continue to be well for many more years.
9:21am 05/28/2012
William S. oser
Thank you,Ms.Newman,for all you have done for the theatre and for those who work in it. You are a role model for all who aspire to living a life in the theatre and to all who aspire to living a life completely of their own creation. Helen Keller was quoted as saying many years ago, "Life is either a daring adventure or it's nothing." From what I know of the way in which you live your life,I would say you were inclined to agree with her. With love and gratitude,Ron Labieniec
12:48am 05/10/2012
Ron Labieniec
ah, you were just a few years older than me when as a child I decided you were beautiful.

And, lo, these many years later I glimpsed your beautiful younger self sitting on the set of the Tonight show beside Charles Nelson Reilly in that documentary, and I determined to find out where and what you are today; it is a delight to find you still beautiful.
4:30am 04/09/2012
Robert Martin
Dear Phyllis,
I have very fond memories of spending so many Saturday evenings with you and other friends in the Rose Lerner Room at the Jewish Community Center on Bergen Avenue in Jersey City. That was a long time ago but still fresh in my memory. You were even a celebrity at that time.
If you have a free moment I would love to receive a few words from you. Stay well and happy.
Your friend,
Allan Park
12:25pm 04/04/2012
Allan Park
hello ms newman,

i was to tell you what a pleasure it was to see you at the follies opening last week. many years ago i met you at the tony awards and you were so kind to me, and you were again last week. thanks again for so many great memories ! bill
5:58pm 09/17/2011
bill lunner
Hello Ms. Newman,

I have just watched you in the Sydney Lumet film BYE BYE BRAVERMAN. I don't know how I ever missed this wonderful film with such an extraordinary cast and directed by the great Sydney Lumet. Here were the very talented George Segal, Jack Warden, Joseph Wiseman, Godfrey Cambridge, Jessica Walter, Alan King and yourself in this sharp, funny, well written movie that showcases the city of New York in the 1960s, when it was the most fabulous place to live in the world, or so it seemed to me at the time growing up in Ohio.

I remember you so well from What's My Line with Bennett Cerf, Dorothy Kilgallen, Arlene Francis, Orson Bean and the very classy John Daly as well as from TV appearances on such shows from that golden era as THE WILD WILD WEST and THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. So it was a delight to see you in BYE BYE BRAVERMAN and I was inspired to see what you were doing today. You are still an absolutely stunning woman and apparently very active as an actress. Thank you for all the memories and I wish you the very best in the future.

Always a fan,

Ray Lyman
1:18am 07/23/2011
Ray Lyman
Just watching you on Match Game 74! And decided to look you up. Like many folks my only exposure to you was through game shows, Trivial Pursuit and Dan Akroyd's famous line when he was parodying Jimmy Carter. I'm glad I looked. I am particularly impressed by the depth and breadth of your career and the Women's Health Initiative.And by the way, you look as lovely now as you did on Match Game, then. (Ooops God may never forgive me for Phyllis Newman, either) Continued success to you and the Phyllis Newman WHI.
11:56am 06/15/2011
Phyllis,it's been a fascinating journey for you,Your friends from Jersey City are very proud of the very good work you do.Keep going,there is much to do.
I still remember your great imitations of Carmen Miranda with the fruit on your head
Your friend,dan
5:42pm 03/26/2011
Dan Krivit
Happy Birthday- have a great day.
7:55pm 03/17/2011
pris robichaud
The first time I ever saw you was on Broadway in Subways Are For Sleeping. You were wonderful! You have always been a favorite of mine since then.
5:25pm 02/26/2011
Carole Miller
I have been a fan of your's for years.
2:23pm 02/19/2011
Effie Joy
Thank you for your site .
You ae endeared to more people than you could realize, and I'm glad for the opportunity to say as much .
9:39pm 02/05/2011
Tim Moran
Miss Newman,

Thank you for this wonderful midwinter morning read through your website. Rest assured that I'll be back. It always amazes me where a visit to youtube can lead. I was listening to Leontyne Price videos and found you during her visit to the "What's My Line" gameshow.
As a former Broadway dancer, I'd always known your name in association with your women's health organization. I'm embarrassed to admit that since your name is associated with a health initiative, I thought you'd already passed! Please forgive my ignorance. I'm glad to hear that you are very much alive and I'm enjoying getting to know your 'oeuvre'. (look it up and pepper your conversations, as you might say.)
Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday and I look forward to more visits to your site.

Cheers! Blake Riley
12:42pm 12/20/2010
Blake Riley
Dearest Phyllis,

Some of the best moments I ever watched on TV had you in them. I will never forget The Arabian Affair episode of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. in which you played Sophie. I still smile thinking about it. You might want to give a few photos to the IMDB for your page on that site.

Very Truly Yours,

12:14pm 12/18/2010
Crash Froelich
Phyllis, although we're friends on facebook and have said hello numerous times over the years in New York (I was general manager of Jujamcyn Theaters), I want to remind you that my late aunt, Rose Haber, was a very close childhood friend of yours in Jersey City. That's why you're so special to me.

Warmest regards,
12:54am 11/21/2010
Howard Rogut
Hello Phyllis, My mom's friend, Dorothy Solomon (Kropack) claimed to have known you in Jersey City. Did she actually know you, perhaps from Lincoln High School (when I met you years ago you told me you went to Lincoln).

All the best,

8:50pm 11/16/2010
Alan Harris
I do so love your blogs...I check every day to see if you added to it. You're inspirational in so many ways.

Keep it up!

10:35am 09/24/2010
Tuned in to nYSD first time in months and what do I see but a reference to your blog. Eureka!! Thanks for the memories you'll be bringing us.

6:55pm 07/31/2010
Patricia Button
Hello Phyllis: I never expected to be blessed this day with the opportunity of saying hello to you. I came to this page purely by accident. How wonderful, and I’ve always been told to avoid accidents. I’m glad this one happened. Serendipity. Apparently it still can occur.
Count me as a long time admirer of you. Kindest and warmest regards, you wonderful lady. Lauriate Roly.
6:13pm 07/29/2010
Lauriate Roly
What a WONDERFUL thing you have done! I love everything I have seen and read. Thank you so much for sharing your memories, photos, and moments from your life. Much gratitude to you for giving us this pleasure.

3:00pm 07/29/2010
George Wiseman
Phyllis, I have known you, through your work, all my life. You are incredible. Thank you.
12:49pm 07/29/2010
Benita Longoria Champion
It's my birthday 60th to be exact, so it seems all the more appropriate that I should find your bring back memories of my youth and images of my parents, particularly my Mother, who loved you!!!! I love you too!!!!!
11:42am 07/29/2010
Judith Brangan
I just stumbled on your blog and LOVE it (especially the pictures)! So incredible to see our pictures together in your 'Press' section!!
Hope all is well.
9:00pm 07/28/2010
Hunter Ryan Herdlicka
What a real pleasure this is for me!!!
3:08pm 07/28/2010
Steven Gould
Dear Phyllis,

Your blog is so much fun -- a window onto a world of wit and wisdom. Keep it coming!

1:45pm 07/28/2010
Robert Pounder
This is so wonderful, thrilling, exciting, beautiful...I could go on and on.
1:34pm 07/28/2010
Traci Klainer
Absolutely adore reading your blog, Phyllis! Can't wait for the next "installment"!!!!!
1:21pm 07/28/2010
Carolyn Kalmus
Have seen you on Broadway, TV, and count myself among your ardent fans. Besides, you are beautiful!
12:33pm 07/28/2010
Helen P. Lias
I am greatly enjoying your blog. It givesme insights into a life vey different from my own. You have been one of my favorites over many years. Loved your laugh and sense of humor. Also, I was a great fan of Adolph's and Betty's work. They will not be forgotten. J.
12:02pm 07/28/2010
Judith Hoefling
the highlight of my day! keep them coming!


11:08am 07/28/2010
steve unger
the website is perfectly wonderful !!
4:42pm 07/20/2010
Barbara Ames

I am enjoying your blog and I hope you keep it up!:)
2:53pm 07/20/2010
Nancy Petry
Welcome back into my world of performers I respect and idolize. Been gone from the scenes available to me for much too long...XOXOX
2:25pm 07/20/2010
Jim Platt
Wonderful, wonderful! We love you Phyllis!
2:12pm 07/20/2010
Linda Mercaldo
Phyllis -
always a pleasure to see you and to read and hear anything you have to say.

Larry x
2:05pm 07/20/2010
Larry Blank
What a wonderful window on the devine Phyllis Newman.
11:33am 07/19/2010
Brian Robertson